Is There Any Secure Target?!

most of the times "knowledge" isn’t a matter of learning more things, it’s a matter of "using" the things you already know, only better.

It's no longer assumed that every computer professional could do every job that involves computers.
more than two decades of interaction between security and hacking communities showed that Security is not what exactly most of professionals rely on!

Kaveh Mofidi

Information Security Expert

kaveh seyed mofidi Research, training, and consulting on practical information security countermeasures, Focusing on essential metrics :  Learning as the Foundation, Knowledge as a Control, Originality as a Difference and Result as the Value 
Working toward simple but effective computer security practices and workarounds to resolve critical information security challenges; hands-on experiences, with a global perspective of computer science, an entrepreneur in Cybersecurity.

 Areas of Expertise 
● Testing: Security Control Test, Penetration Testing Frameworks & Methodologies, OSSTMM/PCI DSS/OWASP/NIST/PTES
● Training: Teaching Functional Information Security Concepts, Ethical Hacking
● Analysis: Information Security Assessment, Auditing, Baselining, Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting & Documentation
● Consulting: Information Security Management Systems, ISO 27001:2013 Information technology and Security techniques
● Research: Cyber Peace, Cyber Crime, Cyber Attack, CyberWar, CyberSecurity
 Technical Proficiencies 
● Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability Scanning & Analysis, Penetration Testing Web Application Security Scan, OWASP
● Social Engineering: Tools, Techniques; and Exploitation
● Internet Footprinting: Digital Foot-Print, Internet Reputation Management, End-User Privacy Solutions
● Network Traffic Analysis: Packet Level Monitoring, Network Troubleshooting & Tuning, Incident Detection with Traffic Surveillance, Firewall Optimization
● Email Security: Phishing & Targeted Attacks, Analysis, Protection & Tracking, Secure Communication
● Intrusion Detection: Tracing Malicious User, Monitoring System and Network Activity, Breach Detection
● Malware Protection: Effective Anti-Virus Protection Techniques, Malicious Activity Prevention, Active Search and Destroy, Malware Root Cause Analysis & Elimination

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 Computer Systems Expert and IT Professional with more than 25 years of experience in different fields of Computer Sciences 
Technical proficiencies include many  Professional IT Services  including:
● Computer Systems and Network Troubleshooting, Tuning, Auditing, Performance Monitoring and Maintenance
● Network Performance Analysis, Baselining and Auditing
● Information Security Consulting, ISMS Implementation
● Cheap Functional Disaster Recovery Plans
● Computer Forensic
● Network and Internet User Security Training
● Intrusion Detection and Tracing back Attacks
New Trends and Approaches...
● Security Kung Fu
● Chronic Insecurities
● Chronic Spam Countermeasure


 some publications: 

Download and read the Cyber War,(PDF)
 An Analysis by Kaveh Seyed Mofidi, July 2014  in Persian/Farsi text

SECURE TARGET  Cyber Peace  in English . . . . Soon

Old Public Domain Security Advisories

Simple Computer-related Solutions

 Computers should ease our jobs and daily tasks, not complicating them!  

Right now, Solution means "buying more products and services!" but this is not you as a company or end-use want. The main focus of my solutions is just Simplicity, which is exactly opposite to paying for more commercial products. The former is equal to more hassle, more expenses and more complexcity; is that what we want from computers?!
Let's find and implement  Simple but Effective and cheap solutions to address huge IT issues!  Remember that as a saying, an expert is someone who makes complicated things simple, not someone who makes simple things complicated.

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SECURE TARGET Anti Software Piracy Policy

1. Spread the words, it's first step! spread the thought of not using and paying for it; imagine there have never been any of those out there!
2. Don't use pirated software, warez, cracks, keygens or any kind of illegal copied software at all. if you cannot afford paying for commercial software (which sometimes I'm totally agree with you), it's easy; there is a lot of professional free software applications which probably cover almost all of your needs, I mean completely free to use applications in so many platforms.
3. Don't use the services from people who using pirated licenses; hosting, gaming platforms, developers, ... (imagine an application developer who want to charge you for his/her product but using pirated license for his/her development environment!)
4. Respect production by any means; don't you pay for grain and diary production? we all pay for it. software's no exception.