First Mission: Cyber Space Security Research

sometimes "knowledge" isn’t a matter of learning more things, it’s a matter of "using" the things you already know, only better

History : About SECURE TARGET

Once Upon A Time . . .

SECURE TARGET was one of the first professional independent group of freelancers in IT security founded 1996 in Islamic Republic of Iran; when even using the Internet in this country was a dream!
The freelance group named 'Security Consulting Group', the first and the last mission of this people was delivering the right and accurate knowledge of computer security; having a safe and secure Cyber Space.This goal followed by security vulnerability research and disclosure and a wide range of training courses.
Kaveh Seyed Mofidi, head of SECURE TARGET had many years of experience in the field of traditional computer security. The entire group was just a collection of those who worked so hard and rely on their experience to enhance the quality of service. The group later split up due to lake of financial support.
SECURE TARGET now has one the reliable free hosting services and also consulting and training in privacy and web-based content management issues.

Motto : is there any SECURE TARGET out there?